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The Basic Stuff

In this first part we'll take a look on the basic stuff. From assembling your kite and getting it ready to fly to having fun in the air.
I'll be adding more tutorials to this part so make sure to stay tuned!

Quad Kite Assembly

Before you can start flying, you will need to assemble your quad kite. In this tutorial I’ll show you how!

Sorting out the Lines

Kite assembled; now you need to get the flying lines ready. It’s not difficult. I’ll let you all in on it in this tutorial.

The Larks Head Knot

Before you can fly, you need to attach your kite to the flying lines. You do that using a Larks Head Knot.

Pack up your Kite

After a nice day on the flying field, you must disassemble and pack up your kite. Thankfully it’s an easy peasy job.

Launch and Land

All right. Let’s get to the flying. In this video I teach you the basics on launching and landing your qud kite.

5 Reps Method

John Barresi taught me a good way on how to practice new stuff. It’s called the five reps practice method.

Learn the UP-turn

There’s much more to it than just launch and land your kite. In this tutorial we take a closer look at how to turn it!

Learn the DOWN-turn

When you have mastered the UP-turn you’re ready to take it a step further. In this tutorial you’ll learn the DOWN-turn!

Handles and Body

How to hold your handles and moving your body. Important things to master for flying your quad lined kite!

Angle of Attack

The Angle of Attack (AOA) determines how your kite will fly. In this tutorial we go throught the basics.

Do the Hover

Do you know that you can stop your quad line kite dead anywhere in the wind window … and make it stick there?! Here’s how!

Improve your Hover

In this tutorial, I give you five exercises that will imorove your hovering and your general flying skills too!

Split-Screen Tutorial

Here’s my first ever split-screen tutorial. Loads of different stuff with both the kite and the pilot in view!

More on Angle of Attack

Preparing for flying straight trajectories, you should really master setting the correct angle of attack. Here is how!

Straight Trajectories

In this tutorial, I take a closer look at wht you should focus on in order to fly those super straight trajectories!

Footwork & Body Position

In this tutorial I show you how to use footwork and body positioning to improve your overall flying skills!

Power Dive & Dead Stop

Tutorial: Power Dive and dead stop

From a powered up dive to a dead stop within a millisecond. Now that’s a pretty cool move!

Upright Side Slide

The  Upright Side Slide is a signature feature for the quad lined kites. Now you can learn how to do it!

Inverted Side Slide

Totorial_ The Inverted Side Slide

The  Inverted Side Slide is another signature feature for the quad lined kites. Now you can learn how to do it!

Glide and Gain

Glide and Gain

Light wind flying can be so fun, but some times it leaves you with your back against the wall. That’s when to glide that kite!

The Jump

The Jump

Fly your quad across the wind window… BANG, Stop! and the kite shoots upwards, stops again and continues horizontally!

Bicycle Rotations

Tutorial: Bicycle Rotations

Increas yous skills and learn how to pinwheel that quad kite of yours like it is glued to the sky in this new tutorial 

Making a Sleeved Lineset

Tutorial: Making a sleeved lineset

Not about flying this one, but how yo make yourself a sleeved set of flying lines. No lines no flying!

Dead Launch #1

Tutorial - Dead Launch #1

No! My kite is lying dead flat on the ground! I must do the walk of shame then. …Or is there a way out of this? Yes it is!

learn to fly with aerialis kites' tutorials

The Advanced Stuff

If you feel pretty comfortable with the basic stuff above,
now is the time to take the challenge of learning new and impressive stuff!

Catching & Throwing

This ‘trick’ is actually not too difficult. All you need is light winds, a suitable kite, a short (10m/30ft) lineset and this tutorial!

Popping the Axel

Most – if not all – quad kites will do the axel. All you need is to learn how. And that’s exactly what you get in this tutorial!

The Falling Leaf

Pop the kite outta the air, let it fall down like a leaf and recover just inches above the ground. Here’s how!

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