Category: KAP How To

Some time ago I published a few articles on How to KAP. Here's another article where I show you what's going on ... for real!
In this article we're going to take a closer look at my KAP hardware. So let's get started!
In the first two articles on How To KAP we took a closer look at the Wind and the Kites. In this article, we're going to get into a few details of what you can do to increase your kite's stability.
You know, when shooting video you’re looking for really stable footage so that you can end up with a really good-looking video after you have processed it all in post.
It’s all about stability! And to ensure a stable flight you need to know a few concepts about wind and turbulence!
Based on comments to my Kite Aerial Videos on the AERIALIS Kites YouTube channel, there seems to be an interest in how I go about creating these videos

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