Category: Quad Heads

I've seen it done several times and I thought why not trying it myself. I mean ... what could possibly go wrong?
January 1st 2023, I've got kite, I've got coffe and I've got wind. Let's fly some kites!
At two in the afternoon and really dark already. But plenty of wind, so I squeezed in an hour flying in the ... "darkness".
The windless conditions forcasted was not quite windless. So the first kite out of the bag was the Wind Vale made by Yours Truly!
While taking a break from web design and domestic duties, I found some editable footage.
What a wonderful day! Blue sky, winds from the south and temperatures at +16-17C!
After way too long time I had an hour or so to go flying after work today!
After a week or so things are slowly getting back to normal. Still a bit tired but work was ok today.
One Sky One World, or OSOW for the convenience, is an International Kite Fly for Peace. Needed more than ever these days.
More Hardcore flying at the Black Rock with some really up close scenes!
Ever since I rediscovered kite flying back in 1998 I've heard the terms kite pilot and kite flyer being used. But is there a difference between the two?
After a couple of rainy days, the sun and the wind was out to play again. ...and so was I!
I didn't have too much time on my hands, but I couldn't help myself. I just had to fly!
Well, maybe not quite a storm, but really strong winds nevertheless. Then an A-Quad Storm is perfect for the conditions!
With temperatures hovering around +30°C and light winds from the south, I was ready for some hot weather lo' wind flying

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