Category: One Line Only

After two weeks of none-kiting, it was definitely time to get a few up there today!
When in Denmark last week, I got my hand on a 100 feet tube tail. Yesterday was a great day to give it a go in between the rain showers!
I'm a bit in doubt about which category I should put this post, Quad Heads or One Line Only. If you continue reading I guess you'll agree!
What a way to end this year's Easter vacation! Rokkaku flying by the sea in glass smooth winds!
Sunday and springlike conditions. Nice and sunny and temperatures around +15C. Not bad for a day in March!
A few days ago, the Fat Boys Kite Team invited all kite flyers around the world to a virtual One Sky for Ukraine arrangement. Here's my contribution.
I found some time to go out and fly the Pink Rok's little brother yesterday. And when a kite you've built yourself flies like this.... WOW!
A light breeze from the North West and a bright sun shining down from a perfectly blue sky made for great conditions for the Pink Rok's first flight!
Are you ready for another KITE STORY? Come and join me behind the scenes of shooting for the "Light Wind Rokkaku Flying" video!
I drove my wife to work today and when the mission was completed, I had a couple of hours on my hands. What to do....?
Last night we got a nice dump of the white and fluffy stuff, but not so much it was unflyable. No,not at all!
After a few days of inactivity - from kites that is - it was time for me hitting the beach again!
Yesterday I completed yet another build project and today I was up early to fly it before the winds died down!
The wind was supposed to die down at eleven, eleven thirty, so my plan was to get up reasonably early in the morning.
When I built the big Red and Shiny I ended up with quite a bit of leftover fabric. So I thought why not build another, smaller one?

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