It’s a Good Feeling When the Kite Flies Like This!
I found some time to go out and fly the Pink Rok’s little brother yesterday. And when a kite you’ve built yourself flies like this…. WOW!
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After a couple of Aspirins, I was eager and ready to fly the brand new black hemmed Rokkaku – the Pink Rok’s Little Brother! You know, I was having some leftover pink ripstop fabric after having built the Pink Rok’ so I decided to make a new kite, a smaller rokkaku, from the leftovers.

So I got going and it didn’t take too long before the smaller rokkaku was completed. Somewhat smaller than it’s big sister and with a black ripstop band hemming the edges. Both for reinforcement and for looks!

I’m still quite bothered by my cold, nope, no Covid, at least not according to my daily test, but I decided to make a quick trip to one of the local beaches and see what the Little Brother was capable of. So I kind of jumped into my car and headed for a useful spot to fly.

While driving I was concerned about the wind. It was very, very light if something at all. But I crossed my fingers for the wind to pick up a little while nearing the water. But when I got to the parking, there was nothing indicating so.

No sound of the wind, no branches moving…. Hmmmm…. Would conditions improve down by the water? Well, only one way to find out, so I started the five minutes walk from the parking down to the beach, and as I neared the beach I could feel the wind! Yes! As the trees gave away for the beach, the wind came in from the fjord and steady it was, really steady and clocking in at about 3m/sec, give or take.

Now, that 3m/sec wind was absolutely perfect for the initial flight and I quickly assembled the kite, got it up into the air and … WOW!

How stable can it get? Redefining the expression of being glued to the sky! When the kite was above the treetops so that nothing was making turbulence the rokkaku just sat perfectly still up there! Perfectly still!

You know, sometimes when you fly a kite for the first time, an SLK, you will have to tweak some stuff to make it sit stable up there. Maybe you’ll need to tweak the bridle a little, adjust the angle of attack or fine-tune the bowlines.

But this time I didn’t have to do anything. I just tighten the bowlines to what I thought was going to be fine and the same with the angle of attack. Then I just let it go and up it went and as soon as the flying line got tight, the Little Brother sat up there, yes, like glued to the sky!

I even got a video to prove it!

The Pink Rok’s Little Brother’s First Flight!

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