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Wow! This looks SOOOO different! So can you please tell me what's happening right now?
We're well into the fall and with the fall come rainy days and a shortage of daylight.
...that the front page has been through a significant revamp.
I've been investigating around the topic of website speed and found a really interesting plugin that might improve loading speed significantly!
On Tuesday May 24th, version 6.0 of WordPress was released! The AERIALIS Kites website is still running on version 5.9.3, but I'm preparing for the upgrade!
Now you can listen to some of the stories I publish here on the AERIALIS Kites website!
Nope, not kite related at all, but I'd like to inform you nevertheless!
As you might know, I have migrated the AERIALIS Kites website to a faster and more secure service!
Here's a quick description of another feature that will help you track your reading progress!
WordPress 5.8 is just released and it contains a bunch of new features, cleaner code and other behind the scenes improvements. But I'll wait a few days before upgrading the site.
No, it's not exactly like a podcast, but with the Read Aloud Chrome extension, you come pretty close!
On March 9th, the WordPress team released a new version of their CMS. We're now talking WP 5.7 and some major upgrades are in there.
WordPress just released version 5.6.It's quit a big step from the previous 5.5.3 and a few precautions must be made before upgrading!
If there's one thing a kite flyer is paying attention to, it's the weather forecast! What's the wind going to be like and ... will the rain stay away!
If you're familiar with WordPress, you have seen the WP admin dashboard. Not quite living up to today's standards.

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