Now you can listen to some of the stories I publish here on the AERIALIS Kites website!
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While drifting along the various channels on YouTube I suddenly stumbled over an interesting video: How to Make Text to Speech Videos for FREE. Now, that title triggered my interest, so I decided to take a closer look at the video. And this was useful stuff!

I won’t go into details – if you’re interested just check out that video and find out for yourself – but as soon as I had watched it myself, I started to play around with it. I used the text in one of my latest posts here at the AERIALIS Kites website. Copied it and pasted it into the ClipChamp video editor and soon I had a reasonable-sounding read-out-loud version of the post!

I downloaded the mp4-file and converted it to a wave-file using the MP4 to WAV Converter over on Then I uploaded the wave-file to the AERIALIS Kites website and made it playable below the text in the Flying the Rokkaku on Four Lines? post.

So now you can lean back, have a coffee or whatever listening to that post while sitting in your favourite reclining chair! How ’bout that?

The second post you can listen to is the Paradise Beach Sunday Flying one. Once again you can sip to that cup of coffee while listening to the post!

But what about all those other posts on this website you might ask? Will they be available for listening to as well? Sorry, no. It will take way too much time going through all those now close to 1000 posts. I better focus on the future posts and add this function to at least some of them.

So if you scroll down to the bottom of any new posts you will find a tiny sound player for those posts that you can listen to. And of course, it works like a charm on any device!

Listen to this!

Click to listen!

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