Paradise Beach Sunday Flying

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The Sunday weather was just awesome with a nice breeze coming in from the south and temperatures close to 20 degrees centigrade. Despite this, I had a beach almost to myself!

My mission for yesterday’s trip to the beach was to experiment with a rokkaku and more about that experiment in this post.

After the experimenting, I spent an hour or so flying the A-Quad Semivented and I was also trying out the Waypoint Mission feature in the drone flying application called Maven Pilot.

This time I flew the drone into the different positions and when satisfied with the position in the air, I tapped on the screen and added that position as a waypoint. It didn’t take long until I had developed a reasonably interesting looking Waypoint Mission that would orbit me whilst I was flying the A-Quad Semivented and having the drone’s camera pointing at me – the Point of Interest (POI) at all times.

That was at least the plan!

I put the drone up into the air and started the Waypoint Mission. First I was not flying the kite, just checking out that everything was working according to my plan. You know so the drone didn’t bump into any obstacles on its way through the air and that it really pointed that gimbal and its camera to the Point of Interest that I had created.

So I sat down and watched the drone flying and the screen so that I could see that everything was ok and, yes, it was. So then it was time to repeat the Waypoint Mission while flying the A-Quad. I put the drone back into the air and started its Waypoint Mission while running towards the handles, grabbed them and started to fly the kite.

The A-Quad was doing its stuff up there while I could hear the sound of the drone orbiting me all the way around. I had programmed the Waypoint mission to repeat itself so I could just keep on flying my kite while the drone was filming me from up above.

After a couple of executions of the Waypoint mission, the battery of the drone was running out so it started an automated landing procedure. I had to put the kite down, get over to the remote control and stop the automated landing and take over the landing manually.

Then I put the drone’s memory card into my cell phone to have a quick look at the footage and yes, this Waypoint Mission seemed to have worked out really well, capturing a lot of promising footage, and you can check out the edited version in the video down below. Please enjoy!

Flying at Paradise Beach

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