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The dual lined kites

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Agile, presice, trickable, polyvalent, affordable, available and … sexy! One kite to rule them all. Yes, the Nirvana by French R-Sky!

the NIRVANA series

by R-sky

Nirvana WW

For no-wind conditions

Nirvana LW

For light wind conditions

Nirvana Std

For medium wind conditions

Nirvana HW

For high wind conditions

Nirvana SVHW

For extreme wind conditions

Our first team kites happened to be the WSO by German Sieberts Drachenkiste. However, when we started to practice for the Freestyle World Cup in Cap d’Agde, France, in 2005, we wanted a kite with a better trick potential. We chose the NIRVANA!

The Nirvana comes in four versions for different wind ranges.

Nirvana WW
(Without Wind) for next to no wind

Nirvana LW
(Light Wind) for light winds

Nirvana STD
(Standard) for medium winds

Nirvana HW
(High Wind) for high wind conditions

Nirvana SVHW
(Super Vented High Wind) for extremely high wind conditions

All that’s required for flying in (almost) any kind of wind.

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The Nirvana is also a very polyvalent kite, thus combining high trickability with good precision characteristics. This makes it possible for combining cool tricks with sharp precision flying. Just what we wanted.

So after we made that decision back in 2004, we’ve been flying Nirvanas ever since!

...days until departure!
...and we're off!
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May 13th - 19th, 2023

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