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I'm excited to take you behind the scenes of another project of mine!
Today it's snowflakes in the air. On Saturday it was definetly not. Come behind the scenes of making the videos of Saturdy!
Why not take a look behind the scenes of making the video from KAPing at Hestholmen?
I went out with the goal of flying both kites and the drone, but Mother Nature and some tech stuff had other plans!
Last weekend I was doing some Rokkaku flying in super smooth Wind conditions. I Shot some footage and here you can take a closer look behind the scenes all that wonderful day!
You probably know that I'm rather keen on shooting and making kite videos. In this one I'm doing something I've never done before!
I don't know if you care at all, but I certainly love to take you behind the scenes of my kite passion. So ... Here we go!
I had a plan.... To go flying early Sunday morning. Get up before the sun and do some aerial videos using kites. So I had the alarm going off really early!
Are you ready to go in depth with AERIALIS Kites? Today I've launched a new column here at the website where I'll take you behind the scenes of my passion for kites. And I've got a brand new YouTube channel for this too!

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