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Finally the elements were cooperating and I ran to the beach to capture footage for a couple of new tutorials!
Do you wanna walk or do you wanna fly? I guess I know your answer, and in this tutorial I'll teach you how to dead launch your quad kite and them walks of shame will belong to history!
Flying lines! Yes, you definitely need them for flying kites. And in this tutorial I let you all in on how to make yourself a sleeved set of flying lines!
Now, am I really ready for this one? I mean… Yes, I do have the bicycle rotations with all of its variations down, give or take, but do I have what it takes to make a tutorial?
Fly your quad across the wind window down low, then … BANG, Stop! and within the next split second, the kite shoots upwards, dead stops again and continues its horizontal trajectory! It’s called … the Jump!
Light wind flying can be very rewarding, but some times it leaves you with your back against the wall. That's when to glide that kite!
All right, if you have the upright side slide down, it's time to take a closer look at the inverted side slide!
Now this might not be defined as one of the basic quad lined kite skills, but it's pretty darn cool when you pop the kite outta the air, let it fall down like a leaf and recover just inches above the ground!
Here is a brand new quad lined kite tutorial for you. This time we'll dive deep into the upright side slide!
Finally, someone had decided that it was about time to stop the rain. It didn't take long until I was ready to fly and shoot some video for another tutorial!
I'm busy now before it's getting too dark to film and fly. So here's a brand new tutorial on footwork and body position!
Finally I got it all together. The wind, the mood, the kite, everything was pretty much perfect for shooting the footage for the straight trajectories tutorial!
Actually I was kind of ready for making a tutorial on how to fly straight trajectories. But suddenly I changed my mind.
All right then. Here's my first ever split-screen tutorial. Loads of different stuff with both the kite and the pilot in view!
Sorry guys! It's been way too long since my last tutorial, but now I'll try to make it up to you!

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