How to Fly a Stack of Kites!

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The Basics of Windless Flying!

The Basics of Windless Flying!

Slowly moving into the darker parts of the year, what's better than take your kites indoor and fly?!

Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

One of the ATF Hardcore Vented kites got a significant tear in the trailing edge. Just begging to be fixed!

Doing a Little TLC

Doing a Little TLC

I was thinking about flying some kites, but then a thunderstorm drifted a little too close for my likings, so...
I’ve had a few questions on how to fly a stack of sportkites… so … I put together a quick tutorial!

A couple of years ago I found four Jazz kites made by Prism Kites deep down in my basement. It didn’t take long until I decided to make a stack out of them. So I did and soon I got the chance to fly it. In (way) too much wind and that stack really tried to pull me out of my socks.

But I managed to keep my socks on and put together this video.

That was two years ago but lately, it’s started to trend on YouTube, and a few questions have popped up in the comments field. Based on these questions, I put together another little video on how to fly a stack of kites.

And here it is!

How to Fly a Stack of Kites – a quick tutorial

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