A Quick Trip to Gothenburg … or Not

A Quick Trip to Gothenburg … or Not

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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 13th - 19th 2024
Tomorrow I’m taking a quick trip down to Gothenburg to meet and fly with Captain Matson again!

My summer vacation is coming to an end but there are still a few more days left. And on one of them, tomorrow, I’m going to Gothenburg. I’ll leave early in the morning and team up with Anders at about nine o clock for some serious (pairs) flying at the fields of Fiskebäck.

The weather forecast looks promising. Sunny, temperatures a tad above +20°C and a light breeze coming in from the west.

Fingers crossed! 🤞

Updated July 27, at 20:52

Hmmm…… One of our horses suddenly showed significant symptoms of pain and after some discussions with our veterinarian and within the family we decided to take the horse to a nearby clinic.

The horse is tomorrow to undergo a thorough medical examination so I decided to cancel the trip to Gothenburg and stay home with the horse and family. Not a difficult choice.

So fingers crossed for Pop-Corn! 🤞

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