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Having a few days off from work but will there be opportunities to go fly kites?
Yeah, it's that time of the year again.
As you might know, I've started to play around with AI, and quite frankly, this is kinda scary!
Lack of daylight and bad weather is definitely putting a damper on my kite flying right now.
The good, old kite mobile broke down a few days ago. And I don't want to spend more money fixing it.
Lately I've been playing around with Midjourney and created images using artificial intelligence. The other day I stumbled upon another cool tool adding to the fun!
This is basically not about kites, but with a little tweak, you surely can get that kite-related flare anyhow!
I will have to cut down a little on my kiting activities for - hopefully - a shorter period of time, and here's the reason why!
Take part in the raffle at the Blokhus Wind Festival and you might walk away with a cool prizes!
Yesterday AERIALIS Kites turned 800 followers on Instagram!
Come on and take part in the unboxing of my new wireless microphone, the Lavalier Lapel 2.4G!
Outside in my garden I keep my good, old caravan parked for most of the year. Here the other day I got this idea; why not make it into a vlogging studio?
Lately I've prepared for a BIG cleanup over at the AERIALIS Kites' YouTube channel, that hopefully will lead to a more streamlined channel and ... some more subscribers and views! ?
Have you ever heard of TikTok? I bet you have. Now YouTube has launched their equivalent; YouTube Shorts!
Yeah, it's dark, rainy and miserable out there. No snow at all these early December days.

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