The other day, I stumbled upon a website where you can create your own songs.
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Well, perhaps not much to talk about, you might think, but yes, that’s what I want to talk about in this post.

In my opinion, and in others too, Suno AI introduces an innovative approach to music production, revolutionising the creative process. At the heart of Suno AI lies its intelligent AI technology, setting it apart from the rest. Rather than stifling creativity, it enhances and refines it, elevating your musical endeavours to new heights.

Picture it as your personal sanctuary for music creation, seamlessly merging your imaginative concepts with cutting-edge technology. From inception to completion, Suno AI serves as your steadfast companion, transforming your raw ideas into polished musical masterpieces. While you supply the creative spark, Suno AI expertly orchestrates the intricate elements—lyrics, melodies, and harmonies—to craft a professional-grade composition.

So I started to experiment and within the next few minutes, I was totally hooked. Before I even knew, I’d created several definitely not bad-sounding pieces of music and I have also put together a couple of videos using these pieces of music.

(More on here.)

Both videos are uploaded to the AERIALIS Kite’s YouTube channel and you can also take a closer look at the videos right below.

Music created by me using
Music created by me using

So if I’m not out flying kites, you’ll find me in my new music “studio”.

Yes, I know… This is highly fascinating yet also pretty scary because artificial intelligence poses several challenges.

Ethical concerns arise from potential biases in AI algorithms, risking societal inequality. Privacy issues stem from AI’s reliance on vast personal data, raising questions about security and consent.

Job displacement is a threat as AI automation may replace human roles, demanding workforce adaptation.

Lack of transparency in AI decision-making breeds mistrust and impedes acceptance. Ensuring responsible AI development, adhering to ethical standards and promoting accountability, remains crucial for harnessing its potential for societal benefit.

However, if approached with a combination of education, ethics, collaboration, and adaptability, individuals and society can effectively cope with its challenges and harness its transformative potential for the greater good.

I’m doubtful but keeping my fingers crossed!

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