Author: Sven

Finally the elements were cooperating and I ran to the beach to capture footage for a couple of new tutorials!
Yeah, I know the post title sounds a little weird for non-kiters, but I was looking for no wind to fly!
A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Jette Haugaard Grønhøj. She's the organizer of the Blokhus Wind Festivals and I'd like to share here information about what's going on in 2023!
FINALLY ... the wind calmed down and it should be possible to do some windless flying on the beach!
The 39th Virtual Freestyle competition is now underway!
I asked the ChatGPT3 to write me an article about the development of kite team flying. And here it is...
I'm excited to take you behind the scenes of another project of mine!
After making several modifications to the Choris Aéra bridle, I was eager to take the kite for a test flight in the riding arena!
I've never been quite satisfied with the flying characteristics of the Choris Aéra, but now I got this idea!
I've seen it done several times and I thought why not trying it myself. I mean ... what could possibly go wrong?
January 1st 2023, I've got kite, I've got coffe and I've got wind. Let's fly some kites!
Is it possible? Can I really use my drone to capture cool footage of myself flying kites indoor? Well, let's find out!
Yes, it's that time of year again! Get ready for the Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2023!
A dramatic 2022 is coming to an end and a brand new year is knocking on the door.
There's definitely something going on some 230 kilometers south of the Villa AERIALIS!

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