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We're based in Norway but cover the world! No matter where you fly your kites, the AERIALIS Kites website is your front door to the wonderful world of kiting on the Internet. So let the fun begin!

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Here you can find the latest publications on the AERIALIS Kites website no matter the category!
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kites kites and kites

One lined, dual lined, quad lined... Who cares as long as it flies and opens the door to AoxomoxoA
So just disconnect from the world and connect to the elements for a while!

learn about

Learn to fly, learn to build, learn how to repair, tips and tricks! The AERIALIS Kites website is filled up with information so you can make the most out of your kiting!

kite aerial photography

kite aerial photography

Kites are capable of giving you a unique aerial view, one that offers a truly different perspective!
Here at the AERIALIS Kites website you can learn a lot about both kite aerial photography and videography.


Improve your flying skills and learn how to fly the synchronized elements in a team with the multinational members of AERIALIS Team Flyers!

All the other stuff

Sometimes the publications won't really fit into one specific category. What to do with those publications?
No worries just drop'em into the Miscellaneous box!

The 25th Nordic Kite Meeting in Blokhus, Denmark - May 22nd - 28th 2023


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