The last three months or so I’ve been playing around with making music using artificial intelligence.
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Yes, it’s scary, artificial intelligence. In my opinion its going to revolutionise oh so many areas and I guess you are going to experience it in so many ways. Most of them hopefully in a positive way, though I see how it easily can get out of hands if things go wrong.

But it’s here to stay so I better get around and find out more. And in a previous post I told you about the website and making music using AI. I decided to take a closer look at it and … WOW! Absolutely mindbliwing! And with the latest version (3.5) its gotten even better, much better!

So I have dug well down into its possibilities (and limitations) and …yes… I’m hooked!

I don’t need to search for soundtracks to my videos anymore. No, I can make them myself! Just play around with the prompts and genres and it does not take long until I have a handful of useful alternative pieces of music. And off course I learn along the way, I improve and the results are getting better.

My latest project has been to create an album – It’s Kite’o’clock – with a few songs in different genres but the same lyrics. A kind of journey to learn more about how to create music using

Currently there are nine songs included on this album and I might add another handful in the very near future. Anyway yu can listen to the album – It’s Kite’o’clock – here:

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