Sunday and a few hours on my hands. Sunday and a bag full of kites to fly! Let’s go!
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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 7th - 8th 2025

I didn’t leave home until about eight in the evening but still having three hours left of daylight. Yes, the days are long and light up here north in my neck of the wood!

Winds from the south and temperatures hovering around +20°C adding more good vibes for flying and the first kite out was my double vented yellow quad and a 30 meters line set. A kite with a colour that went really well with the golden rays created by the setting sun.

Yellow kite in the golden hour

The wind was just enough to keep the Kite in the air with a bit of effort from the pilot. Yes, definitely in the kite’s lower wind range, but that’s what makes it the most fun, right?!

The 2 x vented yellow quad

After a while the inevitable just had to happen. A backflip and the bridle line wrapped around one of the down spar tips and despite me trying to shake it lose, the kite fell into the water!

Well, no worries! I’ve got plenty more kited in my bag so the next kite out was the A-Quad Semivented on a much shorter – 10 meters – line set.

The wind had died down just a tad so I though the Semivented was a good choice given the current conditions. Judging from the video below, I think it was the right decision! 👌

Sunset Chillout

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