This is not one of my normal tutorials, but I’d like to call it a tutorial anyway.
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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
May 13th - 19th 2024

In my previous post, I’m having fun gliding my light wind Zaephay!

The Zaephay
Having fun with my Zaephay

This kite has extraordinary gliding capabilities. It’s so balanced it can glide for long distances and even do spiralling glides. You know, similar to the Helicopter you can do with an indoor kite in true no wind conditions.

Fly the kite towards the top of the wind window, which is pretty much above you in really light winds, and initiate a turn while simultaneously flaring the kite. This will put that qlk in in its starting position and if you do it right, the kite will start to glide in a spiral towards the ground!

Then it’s all up to you! You can position yourself so that you can grab the kite on its way down or you can position yourself so that you can take up flying. Both options are really satisfying and a blast to watch.

In the video below I’ll let you in on how I like to go about these two types of glides, and whale at it I chip in a few axels too, because they’re pretty awesome to do with a kite that glides as well as the Zaephay!

Two and a half Glides!

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