Slowly moving into the darker parts of the year, what’s better than take your kites indoor and fly?!
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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
May 13th - 19th 2024

What?!! Flying your kites indoor??? No, you gotta be kidding, right? … No…?

No, i’m not kidding. Flying Kites in absolutely Windless conditions is not at all as hard as it sounds, it’s big fun and improves your flying skills significantly!

So a few days ago I got this idea. I sat down and started to think about how to create a tutorial on windless/indoor flying. I decided to go for the basics and the other evening I entered ‘my’ indoor arena with my Sweety, that’s the name of my indoor kite, a lineset, a pair of handles and my GoPro camera on a tripod and started to shoot the required footage.

I managed to get all the footage I was after and for the next few days I’ll be working on the voice overs before putting it all together in post production.

Until then, have fun watching the teaser!

The Basics of Windless Flying – Tutorial Coming Soon!

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