Tutorial: How to Make a Sleeved Lineset!
Flying lines! Yes, you definitely need them for flying kites. And in this tutorial I let you all in on how to make yourself a sleeved set of flying lines!
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In order to get the most out of your flying, you will need a set (or two) of good quality flying lines. No matter if you’re flying duallies or quads, mediocre flying lines can really ruin your day on the flying field. Nothing is as frustrating as taking your brand new kite to the field, hook it up to some bad lines and have your flying ruined by those lines.

No, you surely need a good quality lineset!

Of course, you can go ahead and buy yourself such a quality lineset, every decent kite shop will carry them, but you can also make them yourself, and it’s really not that hard … when you know how to do it.

And guess what! In this little tutorial, I’ll let you all in on how to make one yourself! What you will be needing and how to go about it.

So if you follow along on this brand new tutorial – or perhaps rather ‘how to video’ – of mine you’ll end up with a brand new quality line set sitting nicely on a winder ready for action!

Make yourself a quality sleeved lineset!

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