Now, am I really ready for this one? I mean… Yes, I do have the bicycle rotations with all of its variations down, give or take, but do I have what it takes to make a tutorial?
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There are so many details that go into the bicycle rotations to make the look good. So many details that are hard to describe. So many details you need to get a grip on. I was not sure I was up to it.

But then I stumbled upon David Hathaway’s article at I read it with interest. Several times. And yes, David has hit it spot on in his article and I decided to use his article as a foundation for my tutorial.

If you read David’s article, you will immediately feel at home with this tutorial and hopefully you’ll be a few steps closer to nail them yourself!

So, enough talking; let’s fire up the tutorial!

Bicycle Rotations

2 Responses

  1. Once one can do the rotations reasonably reliably one wants to polish them. To improve one needs to see how well one is doing so that one can correct any deviations from the ideal movement. Looking/focusing at the centre of the the kite (in the middle V-like part of the trailing edge will quickly reveal if you keep the centre of the kite where you want it during the rotation. This works both for bicycles (centre fixed) and travelling bicycles (centre moving in a straight line),
    i.e. aim to hold the centre part of the trailing edge V at one point or travelling along the desired path.

    1. Spot on!

      …and if you can put your phone (or any type of video camera) on a tripod and film yourself, you can analyze the lot in the comfort of your living room. Works for me! 😉

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