New Tutorial, Power Dive and Dead Stop!

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Finally, someone had decided that it was about time to stop the rain. It didn’t take long until I was ready to fly and shoot some video for another tutorial!

Thankfully, the field wasn’t soaked from all the December rain and the wind came in more or less from the water. Now that normally means great conditions, however, coming from a slightly north easterly direction, there were a few gusts, but the A-Quad Hardcore is known to tackle the gusts pretty good. So also this time!

Today my goal was to film the required footage for the Power Dive and Dead Stop Tutorial. A pretty dramatic move that build on a few skills from a few of my previous tutorials. Like flying straight trajectories, inverted hovers, angle of attack and more.

This move is also pretty satisfactory to fly – at least it is for me ? – so I kind of thought it was an obvious choice.

But…. Let’s cut the crap and head to the field and try to do some cool power dives and dead stops!

Power Dive and Dead Stop

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