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Two and a Half Glides!

Two and a Half Glides!

This is not one of my normal tutorials, but I'd like to call it a tutorial anyway.

Tutorial: The Basics of One-handed Quad Kite Flying

Tutorial: The Basics of One-handed Quad Kite Flying

It's been quite some time since I published my latest tutorial, but here we go again. The basics of one-handed quad kite flying!

Choris Aéra Bridle Mods Test Fly!

Choris Aéra Bridle Mods Test Fly!

After making several modifications to the Choris Aéra bridle, I was eager to take the kite for a test flight in the riding arena!
Finally the elements were cooperating and I ran to the beach to capture footage for a couple of new tutorials!

I was planning to shoot the required footage yesterday, but the wind let me down. The forecast said between 3 to 5 m/sec from a westerly direction but that didn’t happen. It was barely any wind at all and it was definitely not coming from the west.

So I decided to call it a day and give it another go tomorrow, that is today, today! 😉

And today there was plenty of wind. More than enough for both flying and getting the footage.

As i approached the beach I found it being very windy and quite bumpy for coming in from the sea. But what the heck. I got the job done!

Coming soon to a screen near you!👌

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