Secret Revealed: The Most Boring Kite Video Ever?
You probably know that I’m rather keen on shooting and making kite videos. In this one I’m doing something I’ve never done before!
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You know, the other day I ordered a wireless microphone, the Lavalier Lapel 2.4G, and I’ve started to experiment with it. And then I got this idea! Why not put on the microphone when flying, talk about what I’m doing and film it all?!

Now, this will involve a couple of challenges. First of all… what the heck to say??? Well, in my car on my way to the beach I was kind of visualizing some flying and trying to comment on it. (Yes, I was alone in the car!)

Second, I wanted to do this in English and not Norwegian which after all is my mother tongue. You know, there are not too many Norwegians being so nerd bothering to watch this video in Norwegian. If I do it in English the share number of nerds will increase. So I would have to switch that language button into English. Can I do that when flying?

The third is the range of the wireless microphone. I haven’t tested the range yet, but according to the user guide, the mic should have a range of about 50m in unobstructed surroundings. Knowing user guides in general, they often present such information in a somewhat …. positive way, but I gathered the range being good for at least 30 meters, which would be sufficient when flying on 10m lines.

So with the camera on a tripod in the sand, the microphone transmitter and receiver paired and connected I hit the record button.

…and ended up with some 18 minutes and 31 seconds of edited video, and you can take a closer look at this new video of mine down below.

And before you do that, let me just inform you that this is … nerd stuff! 18 minutes of me flying the magnificent A-Quad Semi Vented in its lower wind range going on about this and that on my flying and the kite’s behaviour in the air.

But of course, if you have 18 minutes and 31 seconds to spare… Be my guest!

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