Rainy Days Makes for Indoor Activitites
We’re well into the fall and with the fall come rainy days and a shortage of daylight.
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Of course there are lot of kite related indoor activities you can do when the weather is against you. You can build a kite or two, you can edit a kite video or two, you can repair a broken kite or two, you can do some indoor flying or make some sketches for your new routine, or …. you can take a closer look at your kite website and maybe plan for some tweaks. I’m opting for the latter and here’s the story (if you’re interested).

The AERIALIS Kites website is running on WordPress, the most common (?) website solution out there. And being the most popular platform also means you have access to a close to limitless number of relevant tools. One group of tools are known as pagebuilders.

Here’s a quote that kind of defines what a pagebuilder is:

A page builder is a plugin or a theme component that allows users to structure and design responsive pages. The Page Builder tool enables one to build pages even on complex sites with minimal time, effort, and technical knowledge. Then, just as you’d play with Legos, you can select, rearrange, and style what you want on your site.

This is a quote from the Elementor website, and Elementor is one of the pagebulders you can use to add a functional user interface to your website. And it’s the pagebuilder I’m using for most of my websites, including this one.

If you’re a bit into building websites yourself, you’re probably aware of Google’s algorithms ranking a fast loading and responsive website higher than the opposite ones. Elementor, like several other pagebulders have often being accused of creating a lot of bloat code, thus slowing down loading times. And it’s kind of true, so for the last year or so, the people at Elementor have been focusing on this and restructured the core basics.

This restructuring means a major update to the pagebuilder and major updates are always … well … interesting and backups are definitely required!

So, with this major upgrade coming up, why not take the opportunity to go through the AERIALIS Kites website and do some more tweaks to improve load times?

I’ve been playing around with some thoughts about an updated design that also will load – significantly I hope – faster than the current one. I’m using Figma to ‘convert’ my ideas to a nice looking design with a fresh and updated look. It’s all still just on a sketches stadium, but for those interested, I’ve dropped a few screenshots below.

So far nothing is written in stone, but at least it’s something to continue to work with. Let’s take a look!

Could this be the new hero section?
Could this be the new hero section?
...and a quick summary of what the site can offer
…and a quick summary of what the site can offer
A new way to display the blog posts?
A new way to display the blog posts?

Like said, these are only sketches, but hopefully something to build on. If you have comments, questions, ideas or whatever to these sketches, please drop me a line in the comments field below!

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