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Nope, not kite related at all, but I’d like to inform you nevertheless!

I’m using the Elementor Pagebuilder to design and create WordPress websites. This pagebuilder has been available some years now and is (probably) the most popular pagebuilder for WordPress installations. Yes,there are quite a few other similar builders out there, but no-one – that I’m aware of – come even close to +5.000.000 installations.

I’ve been working with Elementor for close to four years now, and I guess I can say I have built up a bit of knowledge about how to use the pagebuilder during these years.

Now things are about to change!

No, I’m not gonna throw out Elementor and build my websites using another tool. No, there is a huge change going on “inside” the Elementor pagebuilder. A complete rebuild of the core structures within the pagebuilder.

So… What does this really mean?

Well, first of all this new structure deals with one of the major issues with all, or at least most of the pagebuilders around: Bloat Code!

Not going deep into the details but generally speaking, this means two things, more (sometimes much more) code and slower webpages! …and Uncle Google don’t like that! I guess you don’t fancy slow websites much either. 😉

With the later beta versions of Elementor, the people behind it have been working long hours trying to remedy this and their solution is to replace the fundamental sections and columns with flexbox containers. That might not say a lot to you, but it surely is a major change to the core structure of Elementor!

Frontend you won’t notice a thing, well, other than hopefully a faster running website! Backend however, designing using the Elementor pagebuilder, will see a, well, new way of working when building the content.

For me, who have been working using the ‘old’ structure, I will be in a period of learning and restructure how I go about website design. I’ve been playing around with the be flexbox container structure for some time now, and slowly but surely I’m starting to get a grip of things! The learning curve has been quite steep, but now I have gotten the grips of (most) of it.

Two things have struck me when learning the new flexbox structure, how much more flexible this structure is regarding design and how easy it seems to be to create responsive websites. You know, making the website look whatever device you use for browsing.

The new flexbox structure is still in Beta, but give it another month or two, I guess it will go live. And as soon as things are running smoothly and the bugs are fixed, my plan is to do a complete rebuild of this website implementing the new structure!

That might very well be a nice project for the rainy days in my summer vacation! 😉

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime… JUST FLY!

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