KITE STORIES – Shooting for the “Light Wind Rokkaku Flying” Video
Are you ready for another KITE STORY? Come and join me behind the scenes of shooting for the “Light Wind Rokkaku Flying” video!
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

You won’t experience a better day I March here up in my neck of the woods. A shining sun paired with a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze coming in from the sea! But you know, when leaving the Villa Aerialis, I must admit I was a bit concerned about the wind. Not much of it around the corners of my house. Hopefully, the wind would pick up a little when getting closer to the water.

I had played around with Google Maps to find a new place for flying and I’d been looking at this place called Stangerholmen. With the forecasted wind direction, that would be close to perfect.

Privat road ?
Privat road ?

But when nearing my destination, the road was blocked by this barrier and a sign by the roadside stated that this was a private road with no access for the public. Hey, Google Maps, why didn’t you tell me?!

…so I had to alter my plans, but as you can see from the Google Maps screen dump, there are plenty of other places to fly from in the area so no worries.

I turned the car and headed for the parking at Botnerbaugen and I was good to go!

I had both quad kites and single lined kites in my bag, and if you check out the video below, I’ll take you with me behind the scenes of a pretty perfect Saturday!

KITE STORIES – Shooting for the “Light Wind Rokkaku Flying” video

So in this video, I go behind the scenes telling you about the details while filming for the edited video below. Hope you like them both!

Light Wind Rokkaku Flying

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