When in Denmark last week, I got my hand on a 100 feet tube tail. Yesterday was a great day to give it a go in between the rain showers!
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Blokhus Denmark
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Originally my plan was to fly the tail in the morning after having prepared for some showjumping practise with my daughter and one of my horses, but when I was ready to fly, the weather didn’t cooperate. The clouds had drifted in and the rain had started. Heavy showers of rain made kiting, well, not impossible, but slightly inconvenient! 😉

So I put my flying plan on hold and hoped for the weather to improve during the day so that I could take the tube tail for a spin in the afternoon. During the day the weather continued to stay unpredictable, but at about five o’clock in the afternoon, it seemed like the rain was gonna stay away for a while. So I grabbed the bag, put it into the car and headed south to a small island, or actually a peninsula called Saltholmen. A perfect spot for kiteflying in general and SLKing specifically!

While driving the thirty minutes or so to the flying spot the rain was kind of off and on but on arrival it looked promising. I could see some rain showers out there on the fjord, but at my place it was dry. At least for the moment, so I decided to give it a go!

I was not to regret my decision. The weather stayed mostly dry and even the sun came out every now and then to warm things up a little and cast its golden rays over the peninsula. I got the flying line ready and got the Peter Lynn Foil kite out of its bag and soon it was up in the air. It was definitely generating enough lift to carry the extra weight of the 100 feet tube. I brought the kite down and attached the looooong tube tail to it before I let it all up into the air again.

Wow! Looking good, looking good!

The long tube immediately filled with air and waved like a snake up there and also stabilizing the kite so it was sitting pretty much glued to the sky!

After a quick “dive” into the bag I came out with two more tails, flat ones, that I decided to fix to the flying line for … looks! And it all looked really good up there against the drifting white clouds and patches of blue sky!

A nice couple of hours on Saltholmen!

100 Feet of Tail

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