It’s Getting Kind of Dark

It’s Getting Kind of Dark

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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 13th - 19th 2024
Like I say in the video, I haven’t flown my Rokkakus for ages. But now I had a bunch of them sitting in the back of my car.

When I left home in the evening a few days ago I was a bit concerned the wind had died down a little too much for flying the Rokkakus. But when I got to the beach my concerns were literally blown away. A nice breeze came in from the water at about six meters per second so no problems to fly the Roks whatsoever.

The first Rokkaku to take to the air was an all white one. After some bridle tweaks it soared up there, stable as a rock. Next a somewhat larger Rok from Premier Kites was ready to paint the overcast sky and finally a fluorescent pink one made the trio complete!

Three Rokkakus up there while darkness slowly but surely came on with a few rain drops as well.

Nevertheless…. A couple of relaxing hours on the beach. 👍

Rokkakus – It’s Getting Kind of Dark

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