New Tutorial, More on the Angle of Attack
Actually I was kind of ready for making a tutorial on how to fly straight trajectories. But suddenly I changed my mind.
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May 13th - 19th 2024

Yes, I was ready for some straight line flying, but then I changed my mind. Before making a tutorial about flying straight trajectories, there’s one thing that I should talk about, one thing that you should master to nail those trajectories perfectly.

…and that is…. the angle of attack.

Yes, I know I’ve made another tutorial about the angle of attack earlier, but now I would like to go a little more into the details and combining it with hovering, leading up to another important skill to master when practising those straight lines.

Because when flying straight lines you’ll need to compensate for gravity!

If you want to make a perfectly horizontal trajectory going from one side of the wind window to the other, you must compensate for gravity. You’ll need to put the exact angle of attack so your kite won’t lose height while you fly it across the window. And here is just where this tutorial will lead you in the right direction!

I’ll go through the different (main) types of hovers focusing on the angle of attack and how you do them. However, there’s no one truth, so please use my tutorial as a starting point and experiment to find what works for you!

So … Let’s go!

Tutorial: More on the Angle of Attack

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