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I got inspired from yesterday’s session catching and throwing the A-Quad so now I have edited a REAL tutorial!

Equipped with a phone full of raw footage …. No! I can just re-edit the video I made yesterday and make a REAL tutorial for the catch and throw!

This (can I call it a) trick is based on two main phases. First comes the Catch and then the Throw.

The Catch

The catch needs to be initiated when the kite is at about 70-80% high in the wind window and straight downwind from you. The more horizontal you manage to keep its LE the better. Providing you hold both handles in your week hand, you give a significant simultaneous tug on both front lines.

Put both handles in your weak hand
Put both handles in your weak hand

This will pull your kite out of the air and it starts to glide towards you. You might need to experiment to find that perfect glide so you just can reach out your arm and grab it at its leading edge.

The Throw

Now for the throw which will put the kite back into flight mode.

Make sure than none of the lines are snagged or tangled and watch your feet. It’s easy to step on one of those lines!

When all the lines are cleared, you grab your kite at the wing tip with your strong hand, supporting it’s leading edge with your week hand (still holding both handles) and move the kite backwards.

Now throw the kite kind of like a javelin with your strong hand while you let your weak hand go of the supporting grip. Do not lose the handles though!

Grip the wingtip with your strong hand while supporting the LE with your left
Grip the wingtip with your strong hand while supporting the LE with your left

When the kite glides downwind, you must make sure your handles are back in your hands before the lines go tight and you’ll be ready to take up flight again.

You can also experiment with the angle you throw the kite downwind. In the video I say 30°, but as you can see, my angle is quite a bit steeper. No worries though. Whatever works!

Now I’ll shut up. Check out the video and it’ll all be crystal clear!

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