Catching and Throwing!

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In 58 Days!

In 58 Days!

I will stuff my car full of kites and head for the 25th Nordic Kite Meeting!

Zaephay Indoor?

Zaephay Indoor?

Almost any kite will fly indoors given the right circumstances. But what would the Zaephay really be like?

Two and a Half Glides!

Two and a Half Glides!

This is not one of my normal tutorials, but I'd like to call it a tutorial anyway.
The 25th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 22nd - 28th 2023
Catching and throwing is a pretty cool combo you can do with a quad on relatively short lines.

But how do you do it? Actually it’s not that difficult and it’s definitely a nice ‘tool’ to have in your box!

In short you fly the kite straight up towards the top of the wind window, give the front line a sharp tug to pull it out of the air. This tug also initiate the glide, the kite glides down towards you and all there’s left is to … grab it by its leading edge. You have just done the catch!

Now it’s time for the throw. Put both handle in one hand and throw the kite kind of like a javelin away (downwind) from you. Before the flying lines go tight, make sure to have one handle in each hand so you’re ready to take up flight as soon as the lines go tight. Now that’s the throw!

I won’t go into details how to do the throw and the catch in this blogpost, but I’ll hand you a few tips and if you take a closer look at the video below, I think you’ll get it!

  • Start from the ground
  • Put both handles in your weak hand for the takeoff
  • Tug on the breaklines with your strong hand
  • Experiment with the force of the tug until you have the kite gliding right at you
  • Keep the handles in your week hand for the throw
  • Grab the kite at the wingtip with your strong hand for the throw
  • Watch for and clear any line tangles or snags before throwing
  • Watch the video for how to throw the kite
  • Have fun!
Catching and Throwing

2 Responses

    1. Yes, that one is pretty coooool! 😉

      I did another one and I was a mere 5 cm away from catching it with my teeth!

      But the split second before I bit it, I reconsidered, chickened out and the leading edge banged into my forehead instead. Judging from the impact, it was a wise decision ;-)!

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