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Do you know that you can stop your quad line kite dead anywhere in the wind window … and make it stick there?!

Yes, that’s right. You can ‘pin’ your kite to the sky in any position. It’s called a hover! Upright, inverted and sideways … and in any other imaginable direction. In this tutorial, you get to know the details and something to practice next time you go flying!

There’s of course much more to the hover than I will talk about in this tutorial. A lot of details that I think only will confuse a novice pilot. That’s why I am focusing on the main factors for learning what is required to start to successfully do the hover.

I might get into more details later, but in this video hopefully, I will manage to give you the broad picture.

And as always, there is no “One Truth”, but rather a starting point for you to explore and dig deeper into.

But now, let’s cut the crap and play the video!

Learn the Hover

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