Another Tutorial, Grab the Handles, Move Your Body

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In this tutorial I’m talking about how to hold your handles and how to move on the ground when flying.

First, there’s no “One Truth” so what suits me and my flying style, might not suit yours. But use it as a starting point, go to the field and try it yourself and tweak it until it works for you!

In this tutorial I’ll first show you how I hold the handles. A light grip and I like to put my thumb’s on the top. You might “play” the handles with your fingers while flying for that fingerspitz gefühl! ????

Then I talk about your feet and legs. How I like to stand on the field – with one foot a bit in front of the other. This way it’s easy to take a step or two in any direction when flying. ‘Cause this is no stationary thing!

Ok, click PLAY!▶️

Grab the Handles, Move Your Body!

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