Another Tutorial, Learn the Down Turn

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Now when you have the basic upwards turn covered, it’s time to take it a step further. The Down Turn!

So if you’re ready, I’m ready too!

In another tutorial, you learned how to turn your kite using an UP-turn. This way of turning will turn your kite up, away from the ground. No big worries about crashing!

The DOWN-turn, however… As the name indicates, this will turn your kite downwards, meaning it’s getting closer to the ground (and a bit more prone to crash). So in this point of view, the DOWN-turn is a tad more difficult, or should I rather say risky – compared to the UP-turn.

Have no worries though, because in this tutorial you’ll learn not only to do the DOWN-turn but avoid crashing your kite into the ground too!

Yet again most of the turning lies in your wrists, but rather than going on writing about the DOWN-turn, why not take a look at the tutorial?!!

Tutorial: The DOWN Turn

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