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I’ve covered the basic launch and landing in a previous tutorial. Now we take it a step further and in this tutorial you’ll learn how to turn your kite from left to right.

There are several ways to turn your kite, and as always, there’s no one truth. So in this tutorial I’m focusing on one way of turning your kite from side to side. This way works well for me, and I’m pretty sure it will work for most of you as well. Watch the tutorial, grab your kite, hit the field and give it a go!

For me it’s mostly all in the wrists. From a neutral position I push my right thumb a little forward while keeping my left hand stationary. This will apply some breaking to the right wing half and the kite will do an upward right turn. As soon as the kite has completed the turn, or actually the split second before completion, you pull your right thumb back so your right hand is back in the neutral position again.

Fly your kite across the wind window until you’re ready for that left turn.

Push your left thumb a little bit forward while keeping your right hand stationary. The kite will do an upward left turn.

Again when the turn is completed, return your left hand back to neutral and fly your kite across the wind window again.

Keep on flying back and forth in the wind window and when you feel you’ll need a break, you fly the kite to the middle of the wind window,t turn it so the leading edge is up and horizontal to the ground. Then you slowly bring your kite down and land.

Hey, pretty cool, eh? ????????

Turning your quad kite

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