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Finally! It’s a great pleasure to introduce a brand new column here at AERIALIS Kites: Learning to Fly!
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I have been thinking about this for a while. How can I develop the AERIALIS Kite website? In what direction do I want it to take? What do I fancy writing about? How can I contribute to the kiting community?

Under the lockdown, the contours of what I’d like to achieve, in what direction I want to go and how I can add my contributions to other kiteflyers out there have become clearer.

I want to add a learning platform for those that want to take a stab at kite flying! Maybe those in particular, who – just like me – live in the outskirts of the kiting world. Those who cannot frequently meet other flyers, to hang with them and learn from them around.

The Gemini
The Gemini

I remember when I first started flying kites – for real – I discovered the world of freestyle dual lined flying at rec.kites. I used to spend hours reading all of it and sucking up information on how to nail that axel, how to tune your kite for light winds, how to do that graceful 540, where to buy new kite(s), who to ask for information, what websites to keep an eye on and… This list could go on forever.

I learned a LOT during those days, from the Internet and for having the opportunity of flying with and being inspired by other great kite fliers. It’s now time to start to share some of this to the world wide kite community. So today I have launched the Learning to Fly column here at AERIALIS Kites!

Currently, there are nine different tutorials on quad lined kite flying and there are more in my pipeline. Right now I’m working on another QLK Tutorial, and as soon as times allow and conditions are right, I will hit a nearby field and shoot some video.

…and there will be not only QLK tutorials. Oh no! I have quite a long list of tutorials for dual lined kites as well. So make sure to bookmark the AERIALIS Kites website and drop by to check out the new tutorials as they are released.

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But now … GO FLY A KITE!

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