Sorting Those Lines Out

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The Basics of Windless Flying!

The Basics of Windless Flying!

Slowly moving into the darker parts of the year, what's better than take your kites indoor and fly?!

How to Fly a Stack of Kites!

How to Fly a Stack of Kites!

I've had a few questions on how to fly a stack of sportkites... so ... I put together a quick tutorial!

Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

One of the ATF Hardcore Vented kites got a significant tear in the trailing edge. Just begging to be fixed!
Here we go again with another How-To video in the Quad Kite Department. Ready, Set, Lines!

In this tutorial I have taken a closer look at how you set up (your lines) before flight. Having to deal with four of them – lines – can get you into some sort of trouble when done wrong.

However, after having watched this tutorial, line’s bird nests are a thing of the past!

Well, hopefully, they at least are rearer! ????

Sorting out the Lines Before Flight

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