All right then. Here’s my first ever split-screen tutorial. Loads of different stuff with both the kite and the pilot in view!
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This is another approach to making a tutorial. It’s not like the traditional ones, where I focus on a specific topic and go into the details for that topic only. In this tutorial, I just fly … for about ten minutes or so.

Using a split-screen makes it possible to see both the kite and the pilot (input). Hopefully, this tutorial will be useful for you and that there’s something to learn from it.

I have uploaded the video to YouTube and if you want to slow things down, well …. you can do just that! Click the tiny cogwheel at the lower right corner of your screen to display the settings. Click the Playback Speed option and select your prefered speed. You can go as low as 0,25% which is really slow. Make sure to turn off the sound, which becomes very interesting at 0,25 speed! 😉

The vented kite in this tutorial is flown on 10m (30ft) lines in somewhat variable winds, I’d say between 2-5m/sec (4-11mph).

I’m very interested in your thoughts on this kind of tutorial. So please drop me a line in the comments field below. Pros, cons, what can be improved, whatever.

But let’s cut the crap. Here’s the tutorial!

Split-screen Tutorial #1
How to adjust playback speed

If you dont know how to adjust the playback speed on YouTube, please take a look at the video below!

How to adjust the playback speed on YouTube

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