My First Stab at a Split-screen Tutorial
Ok, here we go! My first stab at making a split-screen tutorial. In this post I’ll let you in on the preparaiton and setup!
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Like I mentioned in my previous post here at AERIALIS Kites, I wanted to make a tutorial somewhat different from the traditional ones. I watched Carl Robertshaw’s latest video where you can see him only piloting the Fulcrum. In that video, you really get to see a close up of all the pilot input … but not the kite.

Pilot only
Pilot only

So I wanted to take it a step further and by using a split-screen show both the pilot and the kite.

Both Pilot and Kite
Both pilot and kite

This approach requires a dual-camera setup. So equipped with two tripods, a video camera, my mobile phone and a bag full of kites I was ready to fly … and film!

Setting up the ‘kite-cam’ shot with the ‘pilot-cam!

Well, actually not quite. There was a couple of questions…. Where should I put the two cameras and what camera angle would be the best?

I did some experimenting and placed the ‘kite-cam’ behind me somewhat to the left and the ‘pilot-cam’ a few meters in front of me, somewhat to the left as well. To the right was no option, way to close to the waves! ?

My plan was to fly the kite mostly in the right part of the camera frame making space for the pilot-view on the left side of the frame. I didn’t know what it was going to be like, but I thought it was a pretty good plan and worth trying!

So after having set up the cameras I hit the record-buttons and I was off. I did a lot of different stuff, whatever came natural to me based on the wind, the kite’s position in the air and my mood.

After ten minutes or so, I turned off the recording and tokk a quick view of the result. It looked reasonably well and all what’s left was to it down at the editing table and complete the Dual-Screen Tutorial!

Stay tuned!

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