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You know, the time before the sun is setting, the golden hour. I was out flying and brought my KAP gear along. ...and the result was ... golden!
A nice and stable onshore sea breeze and warm temperatures made for super conditions for playing with kite aerial videography yesterday.
In the early afternoon, the sea breeze had picked up quite a bit and my Plan A was to do some kite aerial videography trying out the wearable gimbal for improved footage stability ... or?
It wasn't intentional, but the video in this post came out almost like a tutorial. This is how I KAP!
Some days you just need to get away from it all. You know, when things are f***ed up and you need a couple of hours for yourself. Then kiting is my therapy.
The weather forecast is setting up with some really crap days to come. Cold, sleet and generally not really spring-like conditions. That's why I was granted permission to fly today!
After a couple of hours flying the A-Quad Hardcore in perfect conditions, it was time for a change of kites.
If you're a frequent user of the AERIALIS Kites' website, I'm pretty sure you have noticed my growing interest of Kite Aerial Photography, or KAP for the sake of convenience.
The wind was coming off the land thus quite gusty, at least down close to the ground. But how about higher up?
A few days ago PIKITE_PHOTOGRAPHY asked me this question on Instagram: "What is the flag on the Picavet for?”
Inspired by the lessons learned when first trying to fake drone shots, I gave it another go the other day.
When the wind decided to settle, it got really buttery, consistent in both direction and speed!
Yeah, that's right. And this footage also includes a few reasonably good faked drone shots, so why not take a look?!
The other day I looked through some of my KAP footage and then I got this idea. Is it possible to fake a drone shot using my KAP gear?
Yesterday when out KAP'ing I had a plan. I wanted to cross over to the tiny island Little Denmark with my KAP-kite. But did I hit the required low tide?

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