Yesterday was another nice day of summer up here in my neck of the woods. So why not kill a couple of hours flying kites?
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

This time I decided to leave all the duallies and quads in the car and rather go for the single-lined flyers. I put a handful of rokkakus into the bag and then added a reasonably large delta kite, a cody and a few others. I also put the KAP stuff into the rucksack and started the ten minutes hike from the parking to the tiny peninsula I had chosen for my flying location.

You can get to this peninsula at low tide only, so I checked the tide tables and they gave me the thumbs up. …and they were right. There was this ‘stripe’ of dry land connecting the peninsula to the mainland when I got there. No wading required!

I got to the southernmost point of the peninsula and just like I’d thought, the wind was hitting it directly in from the sea. Perfect!

First kite up was the asymmetric rokkaku of mine. I fitted it with a loooong, 30 meters, tail for looks and stability. The kite rode the wind and sat super stable up there in the blue.

Next kite up, a single lined delta kite. This kite also fitted with a tail, borrowed from an old Firebird kite of mine. The steady onshore sea breeze glued this delta kite to the sky too.

There were more kites in my bag, but it was getting kind of late, so rather than flying more kites, I decided to fix the KAP rig to the flying line of the asymmetric rokkaku and hope the kite/wind combo would be enough to lift the gear.

It was, in the beginning, but after some time, the wind eased off somewhat and the kite didn’t generate enough lift anymore. So I got the whole thing down, but I did get a few minutes of footage!

Time to call it a day, get all kites down, pack up my stuff and head back to the car.

…and here is a quick video of the great hours on the beach!

Single Lined Kite Evening Fly

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