What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Ever wondered what a kite looks like from up above? I decided to find out and launched a second kite in addition to the KAP-lifter.
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The KAP-lifter was sitting solidly up there and I decided to fly another single lined kite just underneath the camera to capture what a flying kite looks like when seen from above.

The Asymmetric Rokkaku
The Asymmetric Rokkaku

So I hauled the Asymmetric Rokkaku out of its bag, rigged it and added a long tail to it for stability. Up it all went, and soon the other Rok’ was flying nice and steady up there. The 30-meter tail was dancing in the wind and kept the Rok’ stable up there in the blue!

OK, now let’s see if it’s possible to navigate the smaller rok’ closer to the KAV camera!

So I grabbed the flying line spool with my hand and started to walk the rok’ slowly towards the camera. I had connected my phone to the GoPro camera, so I could see what was going on and soon the Asymmetric Rokkaku was captured on the screen. Wow! Cool! ?

I could see how the kite was looking whilst flying. How the bowlines were bending the cross spars and the wind shaping the sail. Amazing.

But wait! Could I bring the rok’ just a little bit closer to the camera? Seeing all the details a little better? I carefully walked a few steps downwind while watching the screen of my phone. Yes! the rok’ got closer and closer to the camera and it turned out fine! I could really enjoy the sight of a flying kite from above!


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

2 Responses

  1. Justement que pourrait-il arriver en vol avec 2 lignes de cerfs-volants trop proches l’une de l’autre ?
    Un petit tour ou plus autour de la ligne de l’autre serait amusant, bien moins pour le pilote, mais ayant déjà eu ce genre de souci en voulant voir comment réagissait mon cerf-volant en vol avec la nacelle photo/vidéo, j’ai tout simplement ajouté une caméra qui le surveille et une autre est possiblement fixée avec un retour vidéo au sol sur la partie ventrale par un morceau de Velcro.

    Plus aucun souci à me faire, je filme le pilote et le cerf-volant en live en plus de juste me soucier du paysage en panoramique sphérique 360° x 360°, on me dit loufoque comme cerf-voliste, d’autres disent ingénieux, à chacun son jugement.

    1. Hi Gilles!

      My French is more than rusty, so I had to let Google try to translate it for me. It ended up like this….

      Exactly what could happen in flight with 2 lines of kites too close to each other?
      A small turn or more around the line of the other would be fun, much less for the pilot, but having already had this kind of problem by wanting to see how my kite reacted in flight with the photo / video basket, I I simply added a camera which monitors it and another is possibly fixed with a video return to the ground on the ventral part by a piece of Velcro.

      No more worries for me, I film the pilot and the kite live in addition to just worrying about the landscape in spherical 360 ° x 360 ° panoramic, I am said to be crazy as a kite-flyer, others say ingenious, to each his own judgment.

      I think I got the essence in what you’re writing. 🙂 Thankfully I got it all down safely and nothing was broken. And I really goy to see what the gimbal could do in such an extreme situation!

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