Light Wind KAV Session

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It’s Friday, it’s the weekend and I suddenly found myself having a couple of hours to do whatever I wanted. So… Why not go fly a kite or two?!

So after having fed our horses I steered the kite-mobile to a place I have recently discovered, kind of perfect for flying kites of all sorts. Today I wanted to do some kite aerial videography again and hopefully, the very light drizzle would cease and the sun come out. At least that was what the weather forecast implied.

There was this nice breeze coming in from the sea and the flying conditions were great. I was in doubt… What Rok’ to use? Should I go for the large 1,8m or a somewhat smaller one? Hmmm… Decisions, decisions…

I made up my mind and hauled the smaller one out of the kite bag and started to set it up. It didn’t take long until it was up there brightening up the somewhat greyish sky. Maybe it could tease the sun to come out too?

The Rok' is flying
The Rok’ is flying

Then it was time to get the KAV stuff ready. I fixed the pair of carabiner hooks to the flying line, got the rig in place and mounted the gimbal and the GoPro. Hmmm….. it felt kind of heavy. Well, let’s give it a go, shall we?!

I kind of got it going, but I had to move around on the ground to keep all the stuff flying. The line and the equipment was just a tad too heavy for comfortable flight. However, by walking on the ground I hoped I could get some cool shots from just above the ground. So I did my thing and shot some more footage.

Then I decided to replace the original flying line with a (much) ligher one to see if that would be a more useful setup for the conditions. It was, but not quite sufficient to get the rig and the stuff up there. I still had to do some walking on the ground to get that footage down. I kind of worked.

After an hour or so trying to fly the lot, I called it a day and brought down the KAV stuff. As soon as the line was released of the heavy, the kite flew perfectly up there!

Anyway, despite the wrong choice of lifter kite, it was another fine day flying, and if your’re curious about the footage captured, you need not wait to watch it. It’s all there in the video below!

Light wind … or did I go for the wron kite? 😉

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