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The final sunny day before a period of rainy ones. Windy too, so after having done some work in the stable, I was in for some kite flying!

It’s late July, and here around the fields have started to put on those golden colours of harvest. So my original plan was to find a nice spot for doing some kite aerial video of those golden fields. But it was easier said than done. Going away from the shore can make the winds unpredictable, and I was afraid that the conditions would not be good enough for safe flying.

So I changed my mind and headed for another spot by the sea. I was really lucky. When I got there, the tide was at its lowest and revealed a lot of what use to be the bottom of the sea. I was pretty certain that would make for some cool contrasts between the land and the water, so I decided to fly the big, orange Rokkaku as lifter for the rig.

It didn’t take long before the kite sat nice and stable up there lifted by the very warm eastern winds. It was said to pick up and becoming gusty ahead of the coming storm, but now it was steady at 5-6 m/sec (11-14mph). I got the rest of the stuff. Fixed the rig to the line, the camera to the gimbal and finally the gimbal to the rig. I turned the GoPro on and connected it to my phone. I was ready!

And here’s what it looked like!

Kite Aerial Videography

After a while the wind picked up significantly. And the gusts started to take the kite dancing high up there. I decided to bring it all down before an accident would happen causing damage to both the kite and the KAP gear. Definitely not worth it. Better then to go for a quick swim in the nice and warm sea!

It didn’t take long to dry up in the hot weather and when I started to walk back to the car, black clouds had started to build up in the south. The storm was approaching!

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