Will there be a Nordic Kite Meeting this Year?
The last Nordic Kite Meeting was back in June 2019. That’s more than two years ago. But how about 2021? Will there be a meeting this year?
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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

For obvious reasons, the NKM 2020 was initially postponed and then finally cancelled due to the restrictions regarding the Covid situation. New dates were set to May 18th – 23rd 2021, but once again the festival was postponed. Yet again because of the Covid situation

Later the organisers of the Blokhus and Løkken Wind Festival – an organisation that we cooperate with – came up with new dates for their festival, but unfortunately those dates were impossible to attend for the people associated with AERIAIS Kites and the AERIALIS Team Flyers.

However, there is another option!

The Danish Kite Association organise another festival on the island of Rømø the first weekend of September. How about hooking up with them and have an NKM in September?

Well, after some planning and preparations we’re now going for the NKM v.2021 from August 31st to September 5th on that very island; Rømø!

But please keep those fingers crossed because the path is frequented width obstacles. You know, in these uncertain times, there are a lot of pitfalls,but currently the travel restrictions looks manageable, and so we’re planning to make it happen!

Here are the hard facts:

  • Location: Rømø beach, Denmark
  • Dates: Aug. 31st – Sep. 5th 2021
  • In association with: Rømø Kite Festival
  • By: The Danish Kite Association

So now it’s just to keep those fingers crossed for these festivals to take place! ???

…and rest assured… The AERIALIS Kites’ website and SoMe channels will be updated accordingly!

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