Perfect Evening for Flying Rokkaku Kites!

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A nice and steady breeze coming from the sea and a clear blue sky. What more do you need to go flying? Well, maybe a few hours on your hands! ;-)

And that was exactly the situation. I was granted the evening to go flying in between a bunch of domestic duties that comes with house redecorating. So with white spots of paint “decorating” my hands, I jumped into the car and soon I found myself on the beach. Or should I rather say at the sea? Because I was going to fly from a tiny island available only at low tide. I had already checked the tide table so I was good to go!

I did the ten minutes or so walk from the parking over to the southern part of the island, and the wind came in undisturbed from the sea. Nothing to obstruct it but Denmark, 200 kilometres to the south. That means smooth winds!

A couple of days ago, while in the middle of some domestic duties, I stumbled upon the first kite I made – using a sewing machine that is. A sky blue Rokkaku. Wow! Cool! Only a couple of loose seams that I immediately fixed. And the bridle looked a bit odd too, but it didn’t take long until the bridle was looking good. I put the blue Rokkaku into the bag destined to give it some air time the next time flying.

…and that was today! So the blue Rokkaku was the first kite out of the bag and with just a minor bridle tweak it was up there sitting glued to the sky! Old kites can fly too!

Soon I had put up a couple of more Rokkakus and the sky started to look colourful. It was time to rig the big orange Rokkaku and do some kite aerial videography. I found a nice spot for launching and soon the biggie was up there in the sky too. The wind was more than sufficient to give the kite enough lift to carry all the gear and soon I was walking across the little island while shooting video from way, and not so way, up there!

Whilst flying I got company. A couple living in a nearby house had spotted the kites flying over the island and they came over to have a closer look. We talked for half an hour or so and I spread the gospel as much as I could!

Here’s a video from that perfect evening flying!

I Bet You’ve Never Seen a Kite Video Starting Like This!

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