It’s solstice and what is better than to go and fly a kite on the lightest day of the year?
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

My plan was to go and shoot some video of one of the local marinas using my KAP gear. So I made sure I had all the required stuff sitting nicely in the back of my car before I headed for the location. I soon got there, parked the car and went over to the marina to find a nice spot from where to fly.

Hmmm… This could be difficult. The marina is sheltered inside this little bay and because of this, the wind direction must be spot on to fly above it. I walked over to a promising place, but the wind seemed to be a bit inconsistent when I got there. I made my decision. It wasn’t worth it. I didn’t want my kite, my KAP gear and my flying line to fall into the middle of the marina. So I gathered my stuff and walked another ten minutes to another beach, Teibern beach.

This is a really nice beach and I’ve been flying and KAP’ing here many times before. Like an extension of the beach, you can cross over a kind of sandbank to this little peninsula called Lille-Danmark, Little Denmark. And I decided to establish my headquarters in the centre of this sandbank. Definitely exposed to the wind!

So I pulled a medium-sized rokkaku and the 100kg flying line out of the bag. A combination that should go pretty well with the current wind conditions. It didn’t take long until the kite was sitting nicely up there and I started to fix the KAP stuff to the flying line. When done, I was a little afraid of the wind was a tad too light to lift it all, but I decided to give it a go before I eventually replaced the current flying line with a lighter one.

It paid off. The wind got just a little bit stronger and it was the perfect combination. Enough lift to carry the lot, but no more than letting me stay in control of things. And once again I was impressed by how stable the footage is combining the Hypersmoot feature and the GoPro gimbal. Yes, the winds surely were pretty stable, but wow! The footage is really nice!

So I started to walk up and down the sandbank watching what the GoPro was catching on my phone. It looked good! The contrasts between the sea and the land is incredibly fascinating (at least for me) and I love to fly the camera between ten and twenty meters above the ground to capture these contrasts with all their different details. When you get a glimpse from up above you get another impression of how the land is being kind of shaped by the sea. I find it very fascinating!

And off course there is an edited video to go! All you have to do is just click PLAY!

Solstice Kite Flying

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